Who We Are

Senior level business people, helping organizations take control of how they are perceived.™

How We Are Different

Torrenzano hands-on senior level business people work in a culture of critical thinking and focused results. We turn the big firm model of a few senior people at the top and a collection of juniors at the base, upside down.

The Torrenzano business model – senior professionals directly and actively involved day-to-day to produce measurable and sustained results. ​

Where We Add Value

We are business people, counselors and strategists who have “sat in your seat” and understand how perceptions are formed … and how they can be changed. 

Torrenzano builds on selective long-term relationships that add value to client business goals and objectives. We create a Reputational Cushion® that actively protects corporate reputations, helping clients grow their business and enhance brand and shareholder value.

Why Torrenzano?

  • The experience to know what should be done.
  • The credibility to persuade others it must be done.
  • ​The proven ability to get it done

The Torrenzano Advantage

Torrenzano senior professionals know how it feels to be on the firing line. They understand the gut wrenching effects a shareholder attack and a precipitous stock valuation decline has on top executives and appreciate challenges spokespeople face when attention is focused on them during a crisis. We know, because we’ve been there.

Our leaders are accessible and available to every client. It is a cornerstone upon which our firm was founded and is the foundation of our success in attracting — and retaining — some of the most globally desirable clients and professionals in the world.

Chief Executive

Richard Torrenzano

Richard Torrenzano is chief executive of The Torrenzano Group, a reputation and high-stakes issues management firm specializing in building and protecting corporate reputations, helping clients grow their business and enhance brand and shareholder value.

The Torrenzano Group helps organizations take control of how they are perceived™.

Richard is a sought-after expert and leading commentator on artificial intelligence and cyber attacks, brands, crisis, financial markets, media and reputation.

Torrenzano Leadership

Torrenzano professionals have worked in a array of industries, developing creative solutions for high-visibility problems and challenges.

Denise Roche

Senior Counsel, Client Services and Corporate Communications

Mark Davis

Global Practice Leader, Issues Management & Strategic Messaging

Frank Neil

Senior Consultant, Branding & Marketing