September, 5 2023

Unlocking the Power of Artificial IntelligenceUnlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) stakes are colossal with its capability of fabricating any reality whatsoever. Boards and management must be at the forefront of understanding the ethical adaptation of this advancing phenomenon, as well as grasp and embrace the depth and breadth of this all-encompassing technology, how it is changing business … and why ethical oversight is necessary. The article  outlines five key action items for establishing a code of conduct for use of AI that will be vital to protect company brands and reputation.


January, 20 2021

Part II: Business Under Attack - Leading Into the Post Pandemic Era: Reinvent. Realign. Reinvest. Reengage. Rebound.

Explore the second side of crisis.  Not the end of crisis, rather a new beginning with boundless opportunities.

Five strategies business leaders can use to emerge from the pandemic – Reinvent. Realign. Reinvest. Reengage. Rebound.

January, 11 2021

Business Under Attack: Five POWER Actions Boards, Management and Risk Leaders Need to Prepare for Crisis in 2021

In dealing with critical moments, companies must preserve brand value and reputation which requires leadership, transparency and grace under pressure. Five POWER actions  to prepare for crisis – Prepare, Observe, Weigh Risks, Evaluate, Respond – boards, management, risk leaders should consider.

November, 9 2020

Listen Up! Understand How Important it is to Listen

Seven actions to help you become a better listener. Understanding how important it is to listen is a great strength for leaders.

August, 18 2020

May it Please the Camera

Six strategic areas everyone must master to be effective in today’s expanding virtual world.



July, 13 2020

The Perfect Humble News Release Vital for Announcements, Crisis, Positioning

News releases are more important today than ever before. They  reinforce messages and vision, explain strategy or changes in strategy, define why new products or services are important to the user and the company, clarify earnings or financial issues, provide critical information in a crisis, and share achievements and milestones … all without media filters.

Six actions to develop the perfect news release.

June, 23 2020

Law360 - Tips For Crafting The Perfect Law Firm Alert

Observations and recommendations on how law firms can differentiate from competitors, capture reader attention and deliver new business. Includes nine tips for crafting the perfect law firm alert.

February, 14 2020

The Rise of General Counsel as Reputational Leaders

Richard Torrenzano speaks on the evolution of the roles of general counsel, especially as they pertain to the upkeep and oversight of company’s reputations navigating a modern day environment.

December, 26 2018

Richard Torrenzano Discusses Early 2019 Market Issues In Live TV Interview