Crisis Management & Risk Response

No time is more critical or demanding than during heightened attention
and passion of a crisis.

A successful crisis response addresses tangible effects, as well as possible unfortunate long-term consequences on reputation, sales or equity value, public perception, government oversight and employee retention.

Importantly, actions and reactions are ultimately an extension of normal business practices, magnified enormously.

Torrenzano’s philosophy is simple: move quickly, triage and stop the bleeding, take control of the situation, establish credibility, communicate, and deliver on statements and promises. Such direct action produces impact and results, not unfocused motion.

The Torrenzano Crisis Predictability Model™ anticipates likely next events … helping clients to pre-empt and prepare.

The Torrenzano Rapid Issues Assessment™ quickly-identifies specific vulnerabilities, plots allies and enemies, develops resonant messaging and aids executives through counsel and coaching to successfully manage any crisis.