Executive Training & Development

Global competition requires an array of skills not required just a few years ago.

1308 Average dollars spent per employee on learning and development worldwide in 2019.
96% of Fortune 500 CEOs said they are interested in learning the business impact of such development programs.

Whether presenting financial results to a multi-generational set of investors, conducting global employee meetings, testifying before legislative bodies, or in the hot seat on a national news show … the keys to success are effective assessment, message development, training and rehearsals.

Torrenzano works with boards and C-Suite executives to improve and enhance public performance, work on skills … and be prepared for hostile environments.

With Torrenzano’s comprehensive training programs, executives 15 minutes of fame won’t become 15 minutes of shame. They’ll learn to deliver messages and take control of the environment through one-on-one batting practice. Programs are conducted confidentially on site at client headquarters or in customized settings replicating intensity and feel of any projected venue.