Human-to-Human Communications

Understanding the market environment – culture, personalities, behavior, marketing issues, sales cycles, and the motivation to buy – is key for effective communications.

Any effort first must build trust in the offering company. Only then will potential customers consider a company’s high value product or service.

Torrenzano professionals – who’ve worked as senior executives in corporations large and small – know how these special issues relate to sales.

Torrenzano combines corporate and business experience, bottom-line thinking with sharp communications skills — integrating marketing, public and industry relations, advertising and digital. Torrenzano success stories range from financial services, to top technology companies, to alternative energy start-ups, to professional services firms.

This experience has taught us to write disciplined plans and create compelling programs that lead client marketing and sales efforts. We enhance marketplace positions that drive sales, by understanding the changing purchase landscape and employing new training techniques, supported digital and media.