Investor & Financial Communications

Positive relations and support financial stakeholders are requisites for success.

53 trillion dollars -- the approximate market capitalization of publicly traded companies in the U.S.

Without the understanding and support of investors, analysts, and rating agencies, a company cannot develop or extend product lines, gain market share, increase revenue and grow businesses. To continue to exist and thrive, it must be understood.

A critical focus of that interaction is creating understanding of the business model and strategies. This understanding is critical to successfully branding the company stock.

Just as branding a product creates consumer support and loyalty, branding a stock is even more vital.

Torrenzano’s unique “Stock Branding Program” consists of three key principles: predictability, consistency and credibility.

As clients gain these attributes, they witness increasing acceptance and support of the financial community demonstrated by higher valuations, enhanced access to capital, and importantly, acceptance of the occasional “bump-in-the-road” we all experience today on an array of issues, especially earnings.

Torrenzano offers a complete portfolio of financial communications services –

Insights from the Torrenzano Shareholder Satisfaction Management Index, in-depth business review days and programs that target investors with precision.
Firm executives who bring decades of direct participation in financial markets to assist clients.

Torrenzano’s more than two decades of operations – and track record of working extensively with and representing some of the world’s top financial markets including NYSE, Nasdaq and TMX – helps combine understanding of markets with wisdom born of experience. ​