Litigation Communications

Winning in the courtroom is just part of victory. Reputation and position before, during and after litigation is a critical factor of success.

31.7% of EEOC charges cite sexual discrimination in 2020.
$429 billion. Annual cost to the US economy for civil lawsuits.

Torrenzano works with clients and outside counsel to consider and advise on public responses to litigation management – regulatory, civil or criminal – communicate company positions, anticipate plaintiff comments, as well as attacks and manage digital and media interaction.

The firm’s extensive experience ranges from: defending the nation’s most significant lawsuit seeking punitive damages … to helping companies navigate treacherous waters of class action lawsuits, product liability and bankruptcies … to managing issues surrounding official misconduct, labor or union actions.

With its extensive experience in helping organizations recover from the devastating effects of sexual misconduct and harassment, Torrenzano has advised religious institutions and universities, corporations on preventing and – when necessary – responding to sexual harassment and misconduct allegations.