Media Relations

You’re in the news. Actually, you are the news. Now what?

7 seconds. Average length of a TV sound bite.
4.4 million blog posts are written every day. Are any talking about your company?

Despite the ever-increasing attention and importance of social media, traditional media relations remain a vital part of brand and reputation management.

Today, all media reports are global, news is seen by all instantly and retrievable from the palm of your hand 24/7.

The on-the-firing-line, hands-on media experience of Torrenzano executives sets the firm apart. The firm’s chief executive was, for nearly a decade, chief spokesman for The New York Stock Exchange during market crashes, meltdowns and an array of scandals.

With Torrenzano’s comprehensive media training program, executives 15 minutes of fame won’t become their 15 minutes of shame. Officials learn to deliver messages and take control of media interviews, whether at a news conference, in the hot seat of a TV interview, a desk-side briefing or battling through a crisis.

The firm is active in many media organizations, including the National Press Club in Washington and Foreign Press Association.