What We Do

The Torrenzano Group helps organizations take control of how they are perceived.™

Reputation Management

Strategic & Brand Communications

Successful strategic communications engage audiences and create, strengthen and ​preserve conditions favorable for client assets, brands and business objectives.

Media Relations

You’re in the news. Actually, you are the news. Now what?

Investor & Financial Communications

Positive relations and support financial stakeholders are requisites for success.

Executive Training & Development

Global competition requires an array of skills not required just a few years ago.

Human-to-Human Communications

Understanding the market environment – culture, personalities, behavior, marketing issues, sales cycles, and the motivation to buy – is key for effective communications.

High-Stakes Issues

Crisis Management & Risk Response

No time is more critical or demanding than during heightened attention
and passion of a crisis.

Cyber Security & Breach Response

When hackers attack… a clear, timely, and well-planned response is critical.

Mergers & Acquisitions & Transaction

Chocolate & Mustard. Some mergers need explaining.

Litigation Communications

Winning in the courtroom is just part of victory. Reputation and position before, during and after litigation is a critical factor of success.

CEOs, Boards & Leadership

For more than 30 years Fortune Magazine, in its Most Admired Company study, reported “Quality of Management” as the critical factor in valuation, customer and community standing, product acceptance and overall reputation. Notably, this falls directly on the CEO.

Preparing for Unionization

New issue emerging for boards & managements. Are you prepared?

High Net Worth & High Profile Individuals

It’s what people say about you online that spreads.

Digital Innovation Strategies

Data Reporting & Management

Data yields insights and intelligence to build and protect reputations while meeting business objectives.

Planning & Strategy

Connect with clients and key stakeholders.

Creative & Design

Unleash the possibilities with authentic and meaningful content to emotionally connect with your audience.


Customized processes to improve efficiency and effectiveness of communications to reach those who matter most.