Torrenzano professionals are often called on by media to comment on important issues. Following are select observations:​

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May, 22 2023

Agita. Do you feel it too? It’s the relentless pounding on our senses that leaves us feeling uncertain and uneasy

The incessant onslaught of news and promotional messages could be undermining trust and causing anxiety.

March, 22 2023

Banking March Madness: Communications and technology accelerated SVB & Signature Bank failures.

Old issue. Classic run on the bank, plain and simple. But it’s not the entire story.

February, 23 2023

Protect Your Company From Digital Assassination

Six actions to make sure you’re ready when—not if—a cyberattack strikes.
“Beginning today, all passwords must include sign language, thumb fingerprints, and animal noises,” read a sign in a corporate office I visited recently. Unfortunately, contemporary cyber challenges extend way beyond password protection.

January, 12 2023

I watched market rumors spread across the NYSE trading floor for a decade. Now they’re moving at warp speed

Rumors are embedded in the culture of Wall Street and global markets. The very name of The Wall Street Journal’s notable “Heard on the Street” daily column (one of my favorites), illustrates the importance of what is whispered in the corridors of power.

December, 14 2022

2023 will be the year of digital assassination. Are you ready for the 2-hour internet day?

All businesses face significantly higher levels of risk today–just listen to board discussions or evaluate skyrocketing corporate insurance rates.

November, 30 2022

A tale of two Bobs: Iger returns to fix the Mickey Mouse flubs that damaged Disney’s iconic brand

The challenging nature of marketing products and services to the masses, managing investor sentiment and reaction, and playing in the political sandbox created turbulence and was eventually catastrophic for former Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

September, 8 2022

What’s Up with WhatsApp? Out of Control Business Communications

Technology has changed how employees communicate. How do companies address the implication of those changes?

June, 14 2022

Company Rules of Engagement to Enter—or Not Enter—a Political Battlefield

CEOs have been speaking out increasingly on an array of political issues, and it is becoming problematic for companies and boards with noisy internal or external groups pushing business leaders to comment publicly on controversial matters.

May, 27 2022

It Only Takes One Document to Bring Down the House: Six Actions to Avoid Disaster

Six fundamental rules companies should include in their email policies and how to retool employee training to address current issues.

March, 23 2022

Seven Actions to Achieve New Business Success for Your Law Firm

In the legal profession, all revenue generators must be viewed in the real and virtual world as thought leaders that deliver value and have a winning formula for new business. What are the key actions for new business success in ever-changing digital world?

February, 16 2022

Buying a Food Company? An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

While the desire to protect and build the bottom line is understandable, some of these ‘hot’ new companies and products can be lurking landmines.

January, 28 2022

Acing Board-Shareholder Interactions Amid New Challenges

Shareholder interaction is evolving and requires boards, managements and their advisers to rethink investor activities, especially in the digital and virtual arenas.

January, 13 2022

How In-House Counsel Can Make The Case For Settling Early

Five stages of grief business leaders go through when faced with litigation and how they can better approach these issues going forward.