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July, 9 2024

Tackling Reputational Risks with AI

AI significantly amplifies business risks from negative customer experiences, ethical lapses, emerging deepfake technology, product recalls, leaks, data breaches and social media backlash. These threats severely damage reputation, impacting financial performance and equity value. Conversely, organizations implementing robust AI-driven risk controls can expand insurance coverage and protect against revenue loss caused by reputational damage and other AI-related risks.

June, 17 2024

Gen Z workers are rediscovering interpersonal skills in the post-pandemic AI era—and the stakes couldn’t be higher

We are operating in a new era, dominated by artificial intelligence (AI) and excessive digital communication, with virtual interactions that reign supreme. This shift raises significant concerns, including the perils of an over-reliance on or addiction to technology, diminished face-to-face engagement, decreased physical activity, and potential mental health repercussions.


May, 14 2024

24/7 trading is already in full swing. Now Wall Street is considering ditching the opening and closing bells altogether

Global trading today follows the sun. Outside U.S. market hours, major listed stocks continue to trade through dual listings in Tokyo to London, or as unregistered securities in many foreign financial markets in between. So why is the NYSE now gauging market players opinions on the possibility of trading its listed stocks “Round the Clock?”

April, 29 2024

The Looming Danger of Deepfakes

Combating deepfakes requires more than just a technological solution. Many corporate cultures, business leaders and advisors are simply not prepared to respond at digital warp speed when AI deepfake attacks occur.

Understanding what is happening, why it is happening, how it can escalate — as well as what leaders need to do — and not do — is crucial.

January, 31 2024

AI is reshaping financial forecasts and disclosure–and making language more important than ever

Gone are the days of relying entirely on traditional financial metrics as AI transforms how forecasters rate and dissect financial health of companies.

Do CEOs understand how AI captures their words…or is it lost in translation?

Learn how market analysis at AI warp speed is monitoring and evaluating news, financial forums and social media, and the new risks fit raises for CEOs as predictors capture understanding into perceptions and timely sentiments surrounding a company.

January, 18 2024

Annual general meetings have been getting increasingly raucous. Expect them to be chaotic in 2024

Annual general meetings (AGMs) have been getting more raucous. Expect them to be chaotic in 2024 as a surge in activist engagement, amplified by 24/7 news and social media modifies and magnifies stakeholder perceptions.

Despite preparation and rehearsal, advocacy groups will attack AGMs and virtual shareholder meetings (VSMs) at warp speed … and unfortunately, their new digital strategies are often overlooked or not understood.

Is your company prepared to confront and conquer 2024’s annual meeting public challenges?

January, 16 2024

Get Your Virtual Meeting Game in Shape

You would think all would have mastered virtual meeting protocols by now … that assumption is debatable. Here are five brief, cautionary and humorous observations about virtual calls that may be helpful insights.

January, 12 2024

Simplicity Poses a Greater Task then Complexity Timeless Wisdom for Today’s CEO

Did Warren Buffett possess foresight that others missed?

In an unfiltered CEO or company voice, news releases emerge as robust tools  to reinforce messages, articulate vision, explain or signal shifts in strategy and define significance of new products for users and stakeholders as well serve as enduring records in instantly searchable databases. Richard Torrenzano highlights strategies that underscore the CEO role as chief word wizard to strategically deploy “news releases” that share and shape positioning and messaging with lasting impact.

November, 2 2023

Can I sell you the Golden Gate Bridge? How San Francisco’s savvy business leaders are betting on ineffective advertising to save the city’s reputation

Advertising is effective in influencing consumers to appreciate brands and buy products. But it has limited power to change deeply held beliefs or opinions on core issues.  Public trust and perception are shaped by actions and a track record which cannot be overcome through advertising.

September, 5 2023

Unlocking the Power of Artificial IntelligenceUnlocking the Power of Artificial Intelligence

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) stakes are colossal with its capability of fabricating any reality whatsoever. Boards and management must be at the forefront of understanding the ethical adaptation of this advancing phenomenon, as well as grasp and embrace the depth and breadth of this all-encompassing technology, how it is changing business … and why ethical oversight is necessary. The article  outlines five key action items for establishing a code of conduct for use of AI that will be vital to protect company brands and reputation.


August, 17 2023

“Internal" Documents Rarely Exist

News alerts and headlines remind us that no organization is too powerful or too large to be immune from unauthorized leaks. Wall Street is littered with iconic brands, including social media giants, which have suffered leaks.

This bylined article by Richard Torrenzano and Ronald J. Levine provides some insights on basic strategies which must be adopted when leaks occur.

August, 11 2023

The NFL’s Washington Commanders has a new CFO. Here’s his fall checklist

Following a controversial chapter, the new owners of the Washington Commanders, a group led by private equity titan Josh Harris, is attempting to forge a new path with the Commanders by tapping Craig Fischer as finance chief, his first executive hire. Richard Torrenzano gives his take on what Fischer must do inside the organization to Fortune’s Sheryl Estrada.

August, 7 2023

Bud Light’s downfall marks a seismic shift in consumer behavior–and parent company AB InBev doesn’t seem to get it

Companies have become targets in U.S. culture wars and a systemic change has taken place in customer commentary and response. Bud Light has shown these controversies have legs and longevity and they aren’t the only company facing these issues. Richard Torrenzano addresses how business leaders have been pushed by loud internal or external groups to voice opinions on controversial issues and align themselves with social causes … and provides secrets to avoid a consumer apocalypse.

July, 18 2023

Generative A.I. has supercharged the speed at which false information spreads. Can our reputations survive the ‘two-hour internet day?’

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing and zooming information through cyberspace at ludicrous digital velocity as these attacks increase, posing new risks with significant impact on public perception, consumer trust and reputation.

Richard Torrenzano offers six actions to minimize the devastating aftermath and consequences of these attacks on brand and reputation

June, 26 2023

The global financial landscape is shifting in favor of U.S. listings as Europeans get dwarfed and Asian markets grapple with instability

The relative advantages of listing in the U.S. are growing–and some companies no longer see a need for a European listing.

Learn about the advantages and challenges of listing in the U.S.

June, 7 2023

Brands that get caught up in the culture wars don’t know themselves–or their customers

“I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” is an epic line in the 1976 movie Network, shouted repeatedly by TV newsman Howard Beale, portrayed by Peter Finch.

We are experiencing an unexpected escalation of consumer rage, amplified by influential media, resulting in a seething sales boycott that defied expectations. Brands that get caught up in the culture wars don’t know themselves – or their customers.

Richard Torrenzano provides insights on the crisis and offers strategies to avoid customer apocalypse.

May, 22 2023

Agita. Do you feel it too? It’s the relentless pounding on our senses that leaves us feeling uncertain and uneasy

The incessant onslaught of news and promotional messages could be undermining trust and causing anxiety.

March, 22 2023

Banking March Madness: Communications and technology accelerated SVB & Signature Bank failures.

Old issue. Classic run on the bank, plain and simple. But it’s not the entire story.

February, 23 2023

Protect Your Company From Digital Assassination

Six actions to make sure you’re ready when—not if—a cyberattack strikes.
“Beginning today, all passwords must include sign language, thumb fingerprints, and animal noises,” read a sign in a corporate office I visited recently. Unfortunately, contemporary cyber challenges extend way beyond password protection.

January, 12 2023

I watched market rumors spread across the NYSE trading floor for a decade. Now they’re moving at warp speed

Rumors are embedded in the culture of Wall Street and global markets. The very name of The Wall Street Journal’s notable “Heard on the Street” daily column (one of my favorites), illustrates the importance of what is whispered in the corridors of power.

December, 14 2022

2023 will be the year of digital assassination. Are you ready for the 2-hour internet day?

Cyberattacks are one of the most complex issues facing companies: attacks pillage budgets, create business disruption, and put reputations at risk. Is your organization ready to respond?

November, 30 2022

A tale of two Bobs: Iger returns to fix the Mickey Mouse flubs that damaged Disney’s iconic brand

The challenging nature of marketing products and services to the masses, managing investor sentiment and reaction, and playing in the political sandbox created turbulence and was eventually catastrophic for former Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

September, 8 2022

What’s Up with WhatsApp? Out of Control Business Communications

Technology has changed how employees communicate. How do companies address the implication of those changes?

June, 14 2022

Company Rules of Engagement to Enter—or Not Enter—a Political Battlefield

CEOs have been speaking out increasingly on an array of political issues, and it is becoming problematic for companies and boards with noisy internal or external groups pushing business leaders to comment publicly on controversial matters.

May, 27 2022

It Only Takes One Document to Bring Down the House: Six Actions to Avoid Disaster

Six fundamental rules companies should include in their email policies and how to retool employee training to address current issues.

March, 23 2022

Seven Actions to Achieve New Business Success for Your Law Firm

In the legal profession, all revenue generators must be viewed in the real and virtual world as thought leaders that deliver value and have a winning formula for new business. What are the key actions for new business success in ever-changing digital world?